Why Gym Bunny Sportswear?


Gym Bunny Sportswear was initially created as a concept in 2017 when I was struggling to find the motivation to get to the gym.

As women we wear so many hats and share so many responsibilities, that it can become easy to find an excuse as to why we should “not bother go to the gym today.” Whether we work full or part time, raise children, run a household, try to keep our social lives alive, or all of the above, our time is always in demand. But working out or exercising , whether it be in a gym, at home, or in our own space wherever that may be, is an important part in most of our lives which we should always try to motivate ourselves into finding time for.

I would spend hours trawling the UK market trying to find clothes to workout in that felt a little sexy or edgy, girly and feminine, or just different. I know that from (a lot of) experience that whilst sat in my office thinking about that gym class I need to get to later, that my motivation would flow from absolute zero to all-time new heights if I knew I had a new gym outfit to wear folded in my gym bag that day! So for me, the key to motivation was a hot gym outfit that I felt confident in!

But, unfortunately for me what was available on the market just didn’t quite do it for me, so the motivation of that new gym outfit didn’t seem to last more than one or two workout sessions. I needed to find an outfit that really spoke to me, that made me feel amazing when I got changed into it, that I felt confident in and that I could really show off the progress I had been working so hard towards. So that’s where Gym Bunny Sportswear was born!

I wanted to create a brand for women to feel confident and motivated whilst wearing. A Gym Bunny to me is anyone who wants to work out and exercise, and feel good whilst doing it. I want women to feel confident and empowered at the gym, you walked through those doors so you must have a goal you are aiming for, so I want our brand to help you feel motivated in working towards that goal!

So here we are, one year later launching in August of 2018! I hope you enjoy browsing through the website which I am super excited to say is now live! Whilst we are working through the stages of being a new business stock will be limited as we receive orders from our suppliers, but please bear with us and be sure to communicate with us through Social Media telling us which items you want us to prioritise re-stocking. We will always listen to what our Gym Bunnies are asking for, we want to keep you feeling confident and motivated.

So for now I hope you enjoy your shopping experience and orders with us! I would love to see you all in your new sportswear so please tag gym_bunny_sportswear on Instagram or follow and tag us on Facebook Gym Bunny Sportswear so I can see how amazing you all look!

From one Gym Bunny to another, I can’t wait to hear your feedback and see your selfies!

Speak soon,

Amy xx




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